Sacred Georgian Chorales (pdf book + mp3 digital download)

$ 15.00

Edited by Patty Cuyler
Includes book and CD with performance & pronunciation tracks
Digital download option available
Revised edition, 2014

Ten traditional Georgian orthodox chants for three voices.

Listen to the songs using our Bandcamp player:

Songs in the book, each with an additional pronunciation track:

  1. Ats qovliturt aghivso
  2. Da vitartsa meupisa
  3. Ghmerti upali
  4. Jvarsa shensa
  5. Krist'e aghsdga
  6. Motsikuli krist'esagan
  7. Movedit da vsvat
  8. Romelni kerubinta
  9. Shen khar venakhi
  10. Ts'mindao ghmerto

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