Georgian Folk Songs I (pdf book + mp3 digital download)

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Edited by Patty Cuyler
Includes pdf book and mp3 performance & pronunciation tracks
Digital download option only
Revised edition, 2014

The history of Georgian music is primarily that of three-part folk singing. Polyphonic singing has always had its place in Georgian social life. Genres include hunting songs, labor songs, ritual songs, laments, love songs, wedding songs, marching songs, and historical ballads. This unique collection of ten traditional three-part folk songs from the Caucasus Republic of Georgia provides a broad sampling of these genres, from several of Georgia's distinct regions.

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Songs in the book, each with an additional pronunciation track:

  1. Rachuli alilo (Christmas wassailing song from Rach'a)
  2. Aralo (Horseback-riding song from Imereti)
  3. Ch'ich'e t'ura (comic song from Samegrelo)
  4. Didavoi nana (lullaby from Samegrelo)
  5. Gonja (ritual weather song from Rach'a)
  6. K'viria (ritual round dance song from Svaneti)
  7. Lashkruli (marching song from Imereti)
  8. Mival guriashi (traveling song from Guria)
  9. Odoia-naduri (work song from Samegrelo)
  10. Tskhenosnuri (horseback-riding song from Imereti)

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