Augsburg/Twin Cities Global Harmony Choir

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Together with Augsburg’s choral program, we are announcing the debut season of the Augsburg/Twin Cities Global Harmony Choir, an effort that was in the works before COVID struck, and one that we have fully adapted to our current pandemic conditions, in partnership with teaching artists from across the globe through the organization Village Harmony.

If you love to learn & sing vocal harmony, and learn about other cultures through music, you may join our virtual singing program. You do not need to be able to read music notation. Through a combination of synchronous zoom instruction and digital teaching materials, we will prepare a full program of study and performance in singing traditions from places such as Ukraine, South Africa, the island of Corsica, Nigeria, The Republic of Georgia, Cuba, Iran, and more. The magic of the virtual space will enable us to learn directly from culture bearers from thousands
of miles away.

Augsburg students can join the Augsburg/Twin Cities Global Harmony Choir at no cost.

Although we begin remotely, we are poised to open up and sing together in person as soon as singers can safely gather again. Our cumulative study throughout the academic year will culminate in concert presentations in April, whether digitally-assembled or in person.