Raising the Bar: Music from the Republic of Georgia (book + dvd)

$ 35.00

Book + DVD
Created by Patty Cuyler & Mollie Stone, with Georgian singer Shergil Pirtskhelani

Georgian singer Shergil PirtskhelaniTraditional 3-part songs from the Republic of Georgia for mixed, youth or adult choirs.

The book includes full scores, reproduceable word sheets, a pronunciation guide with IPA, tips for rehearsals, performance guidelines and detailed historical background information. The spiral-bound book is accompanied by a teaching DVD featuring performance video of the songs by a group of singers aged 8-18 chosen from the Chicago Children's Choir, as well as pronunciation and dance instruction video filmed with singer Shergil Pirtskhelani of the Zedashe Ensemble, from Sighnaghi in eastern Georgia.


  1. Aragvisp'iruli lashkruli
  2. Bail-betkil
  3. Chela
  4. Deda mogik'vdesa
  5. Imeruli mgzavruli
  6. Lemchil
  7. Megruli alilo
  8. Rach'uli nana
  9. Shari-shuri
  10. Tselo mousvi balakhsa
  11. Ts'mindao ghmerto
  12. Uts'inares mas vadidebt





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