Raising the Bar: BOTH South African Volumes - SAVE $10

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Book + DVD
Created by Mollie Stone & Patty Cuyler, with South African choral director Matlakala Bopape

Buy both volumes and save $10.

Matlakala BopapeTwelve South African songs altogether, two books each with a teaching DVD with voice parts, dance movements, pronunciation tracks and performances.

Our South African book + DVD sets will guide you through each song, voice part by voice part, so that you can learn to teach them in the oral tradition. The books offer specific guidance on pronunciation, vocal tone, dance movements, and includes reproduceable wordsheets with full translations and IPA and background information for each song.  

The teaching DVDs feature choral director Matlakala Bopape from Limpopo Province, South Africa, and include all the voice parts, step-by-step instruction in the dance movements, clear pronunciation teaching video, and full performances by a project ensemble of Chicago Children's Choir singers aged 8-18.

Here are the songs in Volume I, using our Bandcamp player:

  1. Mrs Galo (Xhosa praise song)
  2. Mmamoshimane (Sotho wedding song)
  3. Modimo rea go boka (Sotho church chorus)
  4. Njengebhadi libhadula (Xhosa folk song)
  5. Koloi ya Eliya (Sotho folk/church song)
  6. Ndandihleli (Xhosa folk song adapted for the struggle against HIV/AIDS)

And here are the songs in Volume II:

  1. Likhon' ithemba lam (Xhosa church chorus)
  2. Re dibini (Sotho folk song)
  3. Ndisondela kuwe (Xhosa church chorus)
  4. Swilo yini (Tsonga folk song)
  5. Sesimfumene (Zulu wedding song)
  6. Iindonga zaJeriko (Zulu folk/anti-apartheid song)

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